Fort Lauderdale is booming with both commercial and residential development and is further evolving into an increasingly popular year round destination.

The addition of new condominiums, rental buildings, offices, hotels and stores will continue to add more traffic onto existing roadways that are not well equipped to handle the increasing volume.

Plans and ideas have been discussed over the last sixteen years on how to address growth and increasing traffic, especially in the downtown core. One potential solution was the installation of a fixed-rail streetcar line called the Wave, which was recently rejected due to increased costs and a resulting lack of public support.

Now, new ideas are currently up for discussion, one of which is making some of the downtown streets one way. Andrews Avenue and 3rd Avenue, both major north/south arteries through downtown, could potentially be redesigned as one way streets with more accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and dedicated buses and bus lanes that can take the place of the Wave at a much lower cost.

Major growth is also happening at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport which is currently in the middle of $3.2 billion in improvements with additional gates, new parking and new interior connecting walkways between all the terminals. Proposed future construction projects and improvements include an elevated people-mover circling the airport terminals and connecting to a transportation center. A new hotel with an adjacent nine level parking garage, a conference center, and new traffic patterns will help eliminate the traffic congestion when entering and leaving the airport.

SE 17th Street and Las Olas continue to evolve with new shops, restaurants, hotels, and residential units adding to the city’s vibrancy. However, with all of this development, government agencies need to be focused on infrastructure improvements and moving people efficiently within the city and the surrounding areas.

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